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Punching machine JH21-315

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: WMTCNC

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    This series of press adopts rotating key positive clutch,which has a simple structure and is convenient to operate and maintain,achieving smooth operation, low impact and low noise.



    Specifications Unit JH21-315
    Type H S
    Nominal force KN 3150
    Nominal Stroke mm 7 7
    Slide Stroke mm 160 220
    Slide Strokes Per Minute Fixed min-1 45 30
    Variable 30-55 20-35
    Maximum Die Set Height mm 530 500
    Die Height Adjustment mm 120
    Between slide center and frame mm 450
    Columns Distance mm 980
    Bottom size of slide L×R mm 950
    F×B mm 700
    Shank Hole Size Dia mm 70
    Depth mm 130
    Bolster size L×R mm 1540
    F×B mm 880
    Blanking Hole Diameter mm 240
    Bolster Thickness mm 190
    Bolster Surface Height mm 1000
    Overall Dimensions F×B mm 2720
    L×R mm 1680
    H mm 3850
    Distance Between Foundation Bolts F×B mm 2140
    L×R mm 1500
    Motor Power Kw 30
    Weight(Approximate) Kg 26600


    Main Features

    • The whole machine has adopted imported PLC centralized control, and imported safety double valve control is applied to the gas circuit, to realize inch, single and continuous punching.

    • The key parts such as slider, guide rail, worktable plate, connecting rod, and flywheel are all cast with resin sand. Compared with common clay sand casting. the surface roughness and dimensional accuracy are improved effectively.

    • Electrical control is applied to filling height for JH21 products of 60 tons or above.
      High-quality configuration and all the key components and parts such as pneumatic components, electrical apparatus elements, sealing elements, and buttons are imported.

    Machine Details

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