The difference between a bending machine and a folding machine


Although the bending machine and the folding machine are both bending equipment, there are still differences between the two types of equipment.

1. Principle

The bending machine controls the bending angle by controlling the upper and lower pressure of the knife, and when bending, the short side is included, and the operator needs to hold up most of the outer workpieces. When bending large workpieces, two or more people are required. more staff assistance;

The folding machine is to place the plate on the workbench, and the folding beam is turned up and down to realize the folding without manual participation.

2. Bending accuracy

The dimensional accuracy of the bending machine, after the bending is completed, the error is accumulated to the inner hole size, due to the control of the upper die to control the bending angle, the angle is related to the material thickness;

The dimensional accuracy of the folding machine is to use this as the benchmark after completing a folding, and the controlled size is the inner hole size required by the customer, and the bending angle is to directly control the flanging angle, which has nothing to do with the thickness of the material.

3. Drive system

Press brakes are hydraulically driven, which entails more maintenance work and is susceptible to environmental factors.

The folding machine adopts all-electric drive, which reduces the maintenance workload and is independent of the operating environment.

4. Different operating positions

The press brake can only be operated with the front side.

The folding machine can be operated on both sides according t