What Are the Types of Sawing Machines and Their Works


Sawing machines are primarily used to part material such as rough-cutting excess material away before machining or cutting curved patterns in sheetmetal. Sawing machines substitute mechanical or hydraulic powered motion for arm motion to achieve the speed necessary for production operations. The cutoff operation is usually one of the first requirements in any production process before any machining, welding, or forging is done.

Metal cutting saws of different types are used in industries. The most commonly used are the circular saw, metal band saw and hack saw.

Circular Saw

Circular sawing machines are divided into automatic and semi-automatic. The circular saw blade performs a rotating cutting motion, and at the same time, it performs a feeding motion with the saw box. According to the feeding direction of the saw blade, the circular sawing machine is divided into three types: horizontal type (horizontal feed), vertical type (vertical feed) and pendulum type (swing feed around a fulcrum). In addition, there are various special circular sawing machines, such as swing sawing machines for cutting large castings. Combined saw-drill machine for rail sawing and drilling.

Metal Band Saw

This has a saw frame on which a motor is fitted. There are two pulley wheeels on which an endless band saw passes. Speed variation is obtained through the stepped pulleys on the motor. The roller guide brackets provides the rigidity for the blade in the cutting area and also prevent wandering of the blade while cutting. The blade tension is maintained by using the adjusting handle, provided for this purpose.

Hack Saw

The saw bow equipped with the saw blade reciprocates and feeds in the way that the saw frame swings around a fulcrum. The machine tool is simple in structure and small in size, but has low efficiency. There are two kinds of motion trajectory of hack saw blade: straight line and arc. When the arc moves, the saw bow swings a small angle around the fulcrum. The cutting amount of each saw tooth is large, the chip removal is easy, and the efficiency is high. Most of the new hack saw machines adopt this method.