Using precision fiber laser cutting machine to cut materials will get better results


Today’s optical precision fiber laser cutting machine equipment manufacturing industry has made rapid progress. In scientific and technological innovation, the selection of professional equipment manufacturers equipment has promoted the development of the equipment manufacturing industry. Among the metal materials that can be cut, the reason is that the laser wavelength can be absorbed by these materials. When cutting other metal materials, the cutting parameters of different materials should be selected.
Precision fiber laser cutting machine has gradually replaced some traditional processing technology and becomes important equipment in sheet metal processing. The gas is transmitted through diodes and fiber optic cables. Laser beams are generated by multiple diode pumps and then transmitted to the laser cutting head through fiber optic cables rather than through mirrors. Compared with the traditional cutting machine, the later maintenance cost is small, not easy to damage, more environmental protection, and convenience. At the same time, because the laser transmission structure is different, it is more compact in appearance than the traditional cutting machine, which can save the space of the workshop to a greater extent. Basically no consumables, and can work in a variety of harsh environments, dust, vibration, impact, the temperature has high resistance.
For different materials cutting, precision fiber laser cutting will get better results. When the laser beam is used as the processing method, the cutting edge will be slightly oxidized, which can be used for high-pressure cutting of different thickness plates.In this case, the use of laser device, in the process of processing to the workpiece surface oil, so that the effect is better, in the cutting of stainless steel need laser beam, in the case of edge oxidation is not important, without further treatment, can get the better effect without reducing the processing quality.
According to the type of alloy and laser capacity, it has high reflectivity and thermal conductivity. When cutting with the laser beam, the cutting surface is rough and hard, and nitrogen is used to make the cutting surface smooth. When cutting synthetic materials with a precision fiber laser cutting machiness, please pay attention to the danger of cutting and the harmful substances that may be discharged. Machinable synthetic materials include metal, plastic, etc.