What are the application of fiber laser metal cutting machines?


Fiber laser metal cutting machine is called the most precise ruler and the fastest knife in the world. Well, in my opinion, it is a veritable and reliable machine in metal processing.


And the number of industries take it into consideration to replace the conventional plasma machine since the start of the application peaked in recent years.


With the development of technology, the popularization of fiber laser metal cutting machines has peaked in recent years. And there’s a series of industries that earned profit by using this kind of machines, such as medical equipment, display industry, transportation engineering, hardware manufacturing, and furniture industry.


Kitchen appliance

Kitchen appliance is mainly made of stainless steel,such as sink,shelf, cabinet,vent etc. Fiber laser cutter could cut the metal material with high precision and fast speed.


Display industry

Super market shelf and display cabinet of makeup are admired by a lot of manufacturing industry since it has a great space in earning money. Such industry mainly relies on the design and manufacturing to boost the economy.


Transportation engineering

Transportation engineering and other infrastructure industries apply the fiber laser cutter to their daily work. Standard steel structure and other basic engineering equipment could be process by the fiber laser cutter with low cost and fast speed.


Hardware manufacturing

The majority of hardware industry would choose fiber laser cutter as their great assistant, not only because of the high precision, but also because of the great efficiency. It could manufacture the precision components in mass production.


Medical equipment

Surgical equipment,ward nursing equipment,radiotherapy equipment,physical and chemical equipment,nuclear medicine treatment equipment,disinfection and sterilization equipment.


Furniture industry

Door, cabinet, table, bed, electric appliance, dryer, sofa…Almost all the furniture made by metal could be manufactured by fiber laser cutting machine, but the type of machine depends on the thickness of metal material and working tolerance.

Environmental equipment

Environmental protection equipment includes: filtration and dust removal equipment for public sanitation facilities, sewage treatment equipment, air purification equipment, solid waste treatment equipment, noise prevention equipment, environmental monitoring equipment, disinfection and corrosion protection equipment, energy saving equipment, sanitation cleaning equipment, environmental protection materials and pharmaceuticals, Environmental protection instruments, etc.


Communication engineering

5G area has already opened the door to us, and it could be a trend that replace the original communication station.


Wired communication equipment mainly includes serial communication, professional bus-type communication, industrial Ethernet communication and conversion equipment between various communication protocols, including routers, switches, modems and other equipment. Wireless communication equipment mainly includes wireless AP, wireless network bridge, wireless network card,antenna and other equipment. Communications also include military communications and civil communications.