What are the main factors affecting the price of CNC bending machines?


First of all, it is a kind of advanced equipment that we have. It is based on a professional model that has been set up, and then some model settings on materials are made under the set environment. At the beginning, these operations were basically carried out by us manually, but because of the rapid development of modern industry, manual operation can no longer keep up with the needs of our industrial development, and it is replaced by advanced and intelligent numerical control equipment. This is the CNC bending machine, because of its great significance, many industries attach great importance to the use and maintenance of this kind of equipment.

CNC bending machine is an emerging large-scale machine. Its high precision is favored by many people. It can adopt flexible operation mode, which can not only be linked by two machines to solve the problem of processing too long plates, but also can be processed by a single machine, which can effectively improve the use. rate, reduce energy consumption, and the compensation is automatically adjusted by the numerical control system, which is convenient and accurate.Before buying a product, you will know its price first, and the CNC bending machine is the same, so what are the factors that affect its price? This article will give you a specific analysis to help you choose the best and cheap products.

  1. The quality of accessories and raw materials. The CNC bending machine is composed of multiple accessories, and the quality of these accessories directly affects its price.
  2. Regionality. Most domestic products now face the dilemma of having accessories but no technology, and technology but no accessories. Because of the regional problems of raw materials, their prices are uneven.
  3. Technical content. The degree of maturity of technology, high-standard processing and production equipment, the stability of performance, reliability and life of products produced by high-standard processing and production equipment all have an impact.

In fact, there are many factors that affect the price of CNC bending machines, but the four points introduced above are very important factors. I hope it will help you in the purchase process.

The efficiency and quality of CNC bending machine are the key performance indicators of advanced manufacturing technology and the main body of advanced manufacturing technology. If high-speed CPU chips, RISC chips, multi-CPU control systems, high-resolution detection components, AC digital servo systems, supporting electric spindles, linear motors and other technologies are used, the efficiency can be greatly improved, the quality and grade of products can be improved, and the production cycle and time can be shortened. Improve market competitiveness. In the next few years, ultra-fine CNC bending machine punches are developing towards refinement, high speed, intelligence and nanometerization, and a new generation of CNC bending machine tools will be formed.