What is a band saw used for ?


This bandsaw features iron cast construction and tools that assure consistent performance even under heavy usage. Besides, the unit comes with four speeds that allow you to cut metals of different densities, including heavy ones such as steel and aluminum.
band sawing machine

What is a band saw used for

BS-712N incorporates several safety features that make it an ideal tool for industrial and home-based metalwork. The guards, automatic shut-off, and coolant systems serve to prevent injuries and losses during machine operation. By preventing injuries, the safety features keep you off unnecessary medical bills, of which some can take a significant toll on your personal or company’s expenses.
The unit is designed to ease cutting procedures. It has quick clamps that allow you to secure and unfasten your workpieces easily. Besides, the unit will enable you to switch the clamps from 0 to 45 degrees, giving you full control over your metalwork projects. The coolant protects the blade from overheating and thereby prolongs its lifespan while increasing its cutting precision.
The machine provides you with the versatility you would be looking for in a band saw. You can switch between vertical mode and horizontal mode, depending on the needs of your project. You will also love the fact that the BS-712N band saw has a roller cabinet for material and tool storage.
Fixed to the bottom of the machine is a set of four wheels, which makes it easy for you to move the bandsaw around your shop. Hydraulic control enables you to set an ideal feed rate that determines the eventual pressure exerted by the blade to the workpiece.


Before attempting to repair or disassemble any components, make sure that the device is disconnected from the power supply!


Lubricate the following components using SAE-30 oil as noted.
1. Ball-bearing none.
2. Driven pulley bearing 6-8 drops a week.
3. Vise lead screw as needed.
4. The drive gears run in an oil bath and will not require a lubricant change more often than once a year unless the lubricant is accidentally contaminated or a leak occurs because of improper replacement of the gearbox cover. During the first few days of operation, the worm gear drive will run hot. Unless the temperature exceeds 200F, there is no cause for alarm.