What Press Brake Controller Should You Choose?


The right press rake controller depends upon your industry and your product. For a simple product, you’ll want a controller that isn’t too complicated to manage otherwise you run the risk of operating a machine that isn’t cost-effective. For a more complex product, then you’ll need a more advanced controller system to ensure your production is as efficient as it possibly can be.


Using the very latest technologies these press brake controllers can provide you with efficient and streamlined operation, enhanced functionality, and outstanding levels of productivity and performance. And all come with optional features for additional benefits to give you the very best performance from your press brake.


  • Dutch Delem da-52s CNC system
  • Fast navigation
  • 6.4 “LCD true color TFT displayMaximum4-axis control (Y1, Y2 and two additional axes)
  • Table deflection compensation control
  • Mold/material/product library when the USB interface Advanced Y-axis control algorithm, can control the closed-loop, also can control the open loop valve
  • Panel mounted structure, optional 6.4-inch LCDtrue-color TFT display Maximum 4-axis control(Y1, Y2, and two additional axes)


  • “shortcut” touch navigation
  • 10.1″high-resolution true-color TFT display
  • Maximum 4 axis control (Y1, Y2+2 auxiliary axes) deflection compensation control with mold/material/product library
  • Support servo or variable frequency control advanced Y-axis control algorithm can control both closed-loop valve and open-loop valve. Networkdouble machine linkage (optional)
  • USB peripheral interface
  • Profile-53tl offline programming software


  • 15″ high-resolution TFT true color display
  • Bending process calculation, disturbance compensation control
  • The advanced Y-axis control algorithm can control the closed-loop valve.
  • Can also control the ring valve.
  • USB port, USB flash drive.USB data
  • Storage and recovery DA58T provides 2D touch graphic programming
  • Includes automatic calculation of bending process and collision detection.


  • Colour LCD display, 17”TFT, high brightness,1280x1024pixels,16 bit colour.
  • Full touch screen control (IR-touch).
  • Bend sequence calculation, Crowning control. Product and tools memory 256MB.3D graphics celera-on.
  • Emergency switch. USB flash memory drive.
  • The DA-66T offers 2D programming that includes automatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection. Full 3D machine set-up with multiple tool stations giving true feedback on the product feasibility and handling.

CybTouch ct8

  • Large screen, high definition, and contrast touchscreen system.
  • Convenient interface, clear display, and large icon keys.
  • EasyBend pages are easy to bend.
  • Perfect programming can improve the efficiency of batch multi-step bending. online help and pop-up prompt make the software interface very friendly.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • Use PC or laptop to upgrade and transmit data through wireless software.

CybTouch 12 PS

CybTouch 12 PS CNC systemCybTouch 12 PS system for our foldBending machine provides a simple and direct application: when operationAuthor A is doing bending work while the other operator B wants operator A to pause when before the bending work, help it to carry out a simple single bending process. In this case, operator A only needs to switch the page into an easy bending page, help after help B completes the bending, you can return to the original bending page face, continue the bending.


  • High-definition 10-inch TFT widescreen touch when the built-in PLC
  • 2d graphics editing
  • expand the length calculation
  • graphic up and down mode, support multilateral mode, flexible mode
  • round die, gooseneck die, and other molds
  • graphic programming automation, manual optimization
  • support for analog bending
  • support double machine linkage function
  • standard 4+1 axis, not extensible
  • support graphics or numerical arc bending


  • 15 ’’touch screen panel (resolution wsvGA 1366×768).
  • Standard 4 axis, Up to 6 axis control.
  • FPGA integrated logics, surface mounting.fiber optic.
  • Cpu Via Nano X2E 1,2 GHz with 2Gb of RAM.
  • Silicon hard disk(flash disk) for more than 30.000part programs. Interactive 2d graphic editor for workpieces and tools data entry.
  • 2D graphic display of machine frame, workpiece, and tools.
  • 2 serial ports rs -232,2 USB port for memory stick, 1 ethernet port,2 can open port, Fiber optic interface, Local area network.