What is EDM machine?


EDM is a kind of machining equipment, mainly used for EDM. It is widely used in the manufacture of various metal molds and mechanical equipment. It is a special processing method that uses the electro-corrosion effect generated during the pulse discharge between the two electrodes immersed in the working fluid to etch away conductive materials, also known as electrical discharge machining or electro-erosion machining.

Main effects

EDM processing is mainly used to process molds and parts with complex shapes of holes and cavities.
Processing various conductive materials, such as cemented carbide and hardened steel.
Processing deep and thin holes, special-shaped holes, deep grooves, narrow slits and cutting thin slices, etc.
Processing various forming tools, templates and thread ring gauges and other tools.

Development process

In 1943, Soviet scholars Lazarenko and his wife researched and invented electric discharge machining, and then developed rapidly with the improvement of pulse power supply and control system. The first pulse power used was a simple resistor-capacitor circuit. In the early 1950s, it was improved into a circuit such as resistance-inductance-capacitance. At the same time, so-called long-pulse power supplies such as pulse generators are also used to improve the erosion efficiency and reduce the relative wear of tool electrodes.
Then there appeared high-frequency pulse power sources such as high-power electron tubes and thyratrons, which improved the productivity under the same surface roughness conditions. In the mid-1960s, transistors and thyristor pulse power sources appeared, which improved energy efficiency and reduced tool electrode loss, and expanded the adjustable range of rough and fine machining.
By the 1970s, power supplies such as high and low voltage composite pulses, multi-circuit pulses, constant amplitude pulses and adjustable waveform pulses appeared, and new progress was made in processing surface roughness, processing accuracy, and reducing tool electrode wear. In terms of the control system, from the initial simple maintenance of the discharge gap to control the advance and retreat of the tool electrode, it has gradually developed to the use of a microcomputer to timely control various factors such as electrical and non-electrical parameters.


Mirror spark machine
It is a spark machine that can process the mirror effect. It is the best spark machine today. The processed mold can be directly used in production without saving molds, saving labor and improving efficiency. Moreover, the mirror spark machine is High precision, especially in the application of precision molds, the advantages are obvious. The cost of mirror spark machines is high. Imported mirror spark machines range from seven to eight hundred thousand, and as high as millions. my country has also introduced mirror spark machines in recent years, all of which are joint ventures with foreign mirror spark machine manufacturers.
Pore discharge machine
It is also a kind of electric spark. Its main purpose is to make holes in the mold.
ZNC spark machine
Z-axis CNC, X-axis and Y-axis manual, it is a more practical spark machine!
CNC EDM machine
XYZ three-axis CNC. The CNC EDM machine has many functions such as automatic profiling, automatic centering, automatic programming, G code programming, and three-axis linkage discharge.