How to Use the Bending Machine?


Before using the bending machine, check whether the power supply is connected, whether the air pressure is enough, whether the hydraulic pressure is sufficient, whether the machine is clean, and whether there is any obstacle in the slide way, and then carry out the follow-up procedure.

Turn on the power switch of the machine, start the oil pump to align the origin of l-axis, d-axis, CC axis and z-axis, and complete the starting process

Install the mold, select the mold, place the gear switch of the machine in the cut position, install the base, lower mold and upper mold, and then place the switch of the machine in the inching or single acting position state, shake the rising handle or knob of the pedal rising switch to combine the upper and lower mold and pressurize the d-axis zero point, and lock the lower mold to complete the mold installation process.

Carry out map recognition, understand bending sequence and bending size and start to program the bending machine. There are two input methods for programming, one is angle input, the other is depth input. We often use depth input method. First, put the computer into the memory state, input the bending dimension L, D value, Z value, speed, time, times and other values. Then check and confirm the program, and let the computer enter the running state after no error, and then modify the program with waste trial fold to adjust the angle and size to the best state. Then carry out the trial fold of products, and the trial fold products can be mass produced after being checked to be correct.

In the bending process, if you want to improve the bending speed, you can put the gear switch in single action or linkage state, but for the sake of safety, you can only use single action. When bending a long workpiece, the middle angle is often large. You can adjust the CC axis to change the middle angle to achieve the same angle as the left and right sides. In the bending process, we should also pay attention to the central bending principle, which is an important prerequisite to ensure the bending accuracy. It is not allowed to bend at one end of both ends of the bending machine, so the angle is not good, and the machine will be damaged.

It is not allowed to turn off the power supply during a short break, just turn off the oil pump, so as to save the electricity cost, avoid the work of re starting the origin at work, save time and improve the operation rate.

When the product is finished or the machine needs to be shut down after work, first put the lower mold to the lowest position, then turn off the oil pump, and then turn off the power supply. If this batch of products has been completed, the mold must be removed, and put back on the mold rack and return to the operation panel.

It is forbidden to operate the bending machine in violation of regulations, so as to avoid unnecessary injury caused by human body and equipment mould. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the machine, and form a good habit of taking good care of the equipment and molds.