What is Laser Engraving Machine


Laser engraving can improve the efficiency of engraving, make the surface smooth and round, quickly reduce the temperature of the non-metallic materials, and reduce the deformation and internal stress of the objects; According to the different laser sources, it can be divided into CO2 non-metallic laser engraving machine and optical fiber metal engraving machine. In general, glass laser tubes are widely used in CO2 non-metallic laser engraving machines in China, and CO2 metal RF tubes are also used in some high-end laser engraving machines.

Laser engraving machine is an advanced equipment that uses laser to carve the materials that need engraving. Laser engraving machine is different from mechanical engraving machine and other traditional manual engraving methods. Mechanical engraving machine uses mechanical means, such as diamond and other materials with high hardness to carve other things. The laser engraving machine uses the heat energy of the laser to carve the material, and the laser in the laser engraving machine is its core.

Generally speaking, laser engraving machine is more widely used, and the engraving accuracy is higher, and the engraving speed is faster. Compared with the traditional manual carving, laser carving can also make the carving effect very delicate, no less than the level of manual carving. It is because the laser engraving machine has so many advantages, so now the application of laser engraving machine has gradually replaced the traditional engraving equipment and methods. Become the main carving equipment.


Laser engraving machine can be roughly divided into: non-metallic laser engraving machine and metal laser engraving machine.

Non metal engraving machine can be divided into: CO2 glass tube laser engraving machine and metal RF tube laser engraving machine.

Metal engraving machine can be divided into: metal fiber marking machine and metal fiber laser engraving machine.

Nonmetal engraving machine

Product Description:

With the increasing complexity of cutting and carving process, the traditional manual processing and mechanical processing are restricted by equipment and technology. The accuracy of the processed object is low, which affects the quality of products to a certain extent, and even affects the economic benefits.

According to the laser’s high energy density, strong operability, wide range of processing materials, smooth cutting edge, no burr, no polishing, no noise, no dust, fast processing speed, high precision, less waste, high efficiency, it is the necessary and the best choice for all industries.

Function, product features:

Inlet straight guides, high-speed stepper motors and drives make the cutting edges smooth and free of corrugation;

Integrative frame structure design is adopted to stabilize the operation of the machine without noise.

Simple operation, Free Engraving sequence, processing level and flexible adjustment of laser power, speed and focus can be achieved locally or completely at one time.

Open software interface, compatible with Autocad, Coreldraw, Wentai sculpture, Photoshop and other vector graphic design software;

Equipped with water cut-off protector, the laser can be better protected, the lifetime of the laser can be prolonged, and the optional foot switch can make your operation easier and faster.

Beautiful appearance design;Super strength steel plate, industrial grade;Effectively guarantee smooth operation and service life of equipment;

It can be laser processed on bamboo, crystal, horn, paper, plexiglass, marble, cloth, leather, rubber, plastic and other non-metallic materials.Clothing, embroidery, cloth toys, home decoration, handbags, gloves, leather cutting and surface engraving in the toy industry.Precision cutting of non-metallic sheets such as acrylic and medium density trim panels in handicraft, model, advertising, decoration, electrical appliances, plastic industry, etc.

Metal engraving machine

Application Industry:

Kitchen sheet metal cutting, advertising, large-scale cutting, clothing proofing, leather, footwear, decoration, furniture, packaging and printing, model industry, gifts industry, etc.

Applicable Materials:

Sheet metal, acrylic, plexiglass, glass, cloth, leather, paper, bamboo and wood products, film, canvas, etc.