What is Press Machine?


Press Machine (including punch and hydraulic press) is a kind of general press with exquisite structure. The press can be widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and forming processes. The metal is processed into parts by applying strong pressure to the metal blank to cause plastic deformation and fracture of the metal. When the mechanical press is working, the motor drives the large belt pulley (usually acting as flywheel) through the V-belt, and drives the crank slider mechanism through the gear pair and clutch, so that the slider and the punch go down in a straight line. After the forging work of the mechanical press is completed, the slide moves upward, and the clutch automatically disengages. At the same time, the automatic device on the crank shaft is connected to stop the slide near the top dead center.

Mechanical classification

Press Machine

Press is composed of gas-liquid booster cylinder + workbench + control logic valve. Use pneumatic and hydraulic pressure for output. 3kg — 7kg gas source can reach high pressure output of 1t to 100t.

Product features:

1. With compressed air as power source, the operation is simple.
2. There is no noise caused by standby of oil pressure system, which can save power consumption and reduce production cost.
3. The principle of air oil pressurization is used to meet the requirements of fast power speed and high output.
4. The adjustment of output is simple. Only the adjustment of pneumatic pressure is needed to achieve the required output.
5. The machine has strong structure, easy operation, convenient loading and unloading, and meets the working efficiency.
6. It is suitable for pressing, punching, riveting, assembling, cutting, etc.
7. Safe design, comfortable operation, humanized consideration, suitable for long-term operation.
8. Four column door type open space design, can accept the customization of special specifications.
9. Optional table: width 650 * depth 550 * height 700 (mm)

Power press

Power press machine is one of the most commonly used cold stamping equipment, which is used as the working platform of cold stamping die. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient use. According to the different structure of the bed, the crank press can be divided into open crank press or closed crank press; according to the different number of driving links, it can be divided into single point press or multi-point press; according to whether the number of sliding blocks is one or two, it can be divided into single acting press or double acting press.
Multi position press

The multi position press is an advanced press equipment, which is the integration of multiple presses. It is generally composed of thread head unit, feeding mechanism, press and thread tail. The fastest beat can reach more than 40 times per minute, which can meet the high-speed automatic production. The thread head unit can be divided into destacking unit, magnetic belt, cleaning and oiling equipment, etc.; the feeding mechanism is generally composed of feeding arms; the press is generally divided into multiple sliders and single sliders, which are selected according to different needs, and the tail part is generally composed of conveying belt.