What is punch press machine


A punch is a punch press. In national production, compared with traditional machining, the stamping process has the advantages of saving materials and energy, high efficiency, low technical requirements for operators, and making products that can not be achieved by machining through various mold applications,so it has become more widely used.

Scope of application

  1. Suitable for punching, bending, stretching and compression forming of metal.
  2. Not suitable for the processing of brittle materials such as cast iron, wood, glass and ceramics or flammable materials such as magnesium alloys.

Functional characteristics

  1. Suitable for mass production, not for a single production.
  2. High processing efficiency, high material utilization
  3. Must match the mold to carry on the work, and a pair of molds only applies to one product.

Working principles

The essence of punching machine is to transform circular motion into linear motion. Motor drives crank through belt and gear, by increasing or changing the form of crank mechanism (crank linkage mechanism, crank elbow mechanism), the rotating motion is changed into reciprocating linear motion.

The design principle of punching machine is to convert circular motion into linear motion. By the main motor force, driving flywheel, through the clutch drive gear, crankshaft (or eccentric gear), connecting rod and so on, to achieve the linear motion of the slider, the movement from the main motor to the connecting rod is circular motion.

The working principle of a punching machine is to apply pressure to the material and make it shape and deform,In order to obtain the required shape and precision, a set of molds must be matched (upper mold and lower mold), Place the material in between and press the machine to deform it, the reaction force applied to the material during processing is absorbed by the mechanical body of the punching machine.


According to slider driving force, punch press can be divided into mechanical and hydraulic type. The general sheet metal stamping process mostly uses the mechanical punch.Hydraulic press is divided into oil hydraulic press and water hydraulic press according to its working medium liquid. At present, the use of oil hydraulic press is the majority, water hydraulic press is mostly used for large machinery or special machinery.

According to the slider drive mechanism, punch can be divided into crankshaft punch, elbow punch, friction punch, screw punch, rack punch, cam punch and connecting rod punch.

According to the form of the body, the punch press can be divided into two types: back type (C type) and straight column type (H type). According to the characteristics of C-type press (front opening), the nominal pressure is generally below 300t, and the working pressure is generally about 50% of the nominal pressure. The body of H-type press is symmetrical and can withstand eccentric load during operation. Its nominal pressure is generally above 300t.