Who makes the best cnc router?


Who makes the best cnc router, that is a big question.

Actually, there’s no best cnc router, only cnc router most suitable: with good quality, suitable working area, can do your work well, and meet your budget.

In order to get the best suitable machine, please confirm all the questions below:

Question One: What’s the max size: length*width*thickness of your materials?

Normally the cnc router working area sizes X*Y*Z axis :600*900*200mm/600*1200*200mm/1200*1200*200mm/1300*2500*200mm/1500*3000*200mm/2000*3000*200mm/2000*4000*200mm/custom made .

Question Two: What material do you want to engrave or carving or cut? wood, acrylic, aluminum, MDF etc.?

Normally all the cnc routers can do the engraving work of wood, acrylic, MDF. but if you need to do some soft metal work like aluminum engraving or cutting, you’d better choose a part named: water tank with water flooding cooling system or mist oil spray cooling system, it can protect the spindle from the heat of metal milling.

Question Three: Do you need to do some cylinder or column work?

If yes, you need to choose a part name: rotary device or rotation axis.

The rotary have different diameters: 80mm/125mm/160mm/200mm/250mm/320mm.

And different length:600mm/900mm/1200mm/2000mm/2400mm