Fiber Laser Cutting Machine from WMTCNC China


There’s a Reason WMTCNC Sells More Fiber Laser Cutting Machine than Anyone

WMTCNC manufactures CNC Fiber Laser cutting systems that are powered to meet the needs of your specific applications. We provide fiber laser cutting solutions for your real-world fabricating needs, with flexible and customizable solutions to process sheet metal parts or non-ferrous materials.

Our experienced team of engineers and R&D professionals will work with your future automation requirements. As a global provider of industrial lasers,  our versatile fiber laser solutions also scale to the ever-evolving technological and competitive changes of your business and industry.

Discover the versatility and dependability of our Laser cutting machine systems.

Plate and Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Why Choose WMTCNC?


We have over 18 years of production and manufacturing experience.


All of machines were passed CE, ISO, SGS, and TUV authentication.


Professional after-sales service team, providing fast and professional service.


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