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Punching machine J21-80

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: WMTCNC

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    J21-80, J21-125, and JB21- 160 adopt a rotating key positive clutch which has a simple structure and is convenient to operate and maintain, achieving smooth operation, low impact and low noise.


    Main Features

    • JD21-125 and JD21-160 both adopt dry friction clutch which can stop the slider at any place immediately, and in the meantime achieve the single, inching, or continuous punching operation, which is convenient to adjust the die position at any time, thus improves the machining precision.
    • The whole machine adopts an imported PLC centralized control system and equipped with a safety dual valve and balance cylinder, which makes it work smoothly and reliably.
    • It can also be equipped with a light curtain protection device. It is a safe type of press machine.

    Machine Details

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