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Wire Cutting Machine DK7740HC

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: WMTCNC

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    Wire cut machine DK7740HC with good rigidity, high precision, low noise, reasonable price, and easy to operate and maintain. And it has a four-axis linkage, wire breaking protection. Especially suitable for mold processing.


    Specification DK7740HC
    wortable size(L×W) 480×720mm
    X,Y axis travel(X×Y) 400×500mm
    Max.cut thickness Z 300mm
    U,V travel 60×60mm
    Wire diameter range Φ0.12-Φ0.18mm
    Wire feed rate 7 levels adjustable
    Taper angle/Workpiece thickness ±6°/60mm
    Process accuracy(Vertical) Multi-cut:10×10×30(square)≤0.006mm
    Process roughness Multi-cut:Ra≤1.2μm
    Motor drive system Stepping motor or AC servo motor*(Opition)
    Screws&Guides(X,Y) Precision ball screw/Linear motion guides
    Dielectric coolant Reservoir capacity Complex or water-dissovle special coolant/65L
    Power supply AC 3-Φ380V 2KW
    Max.table carry 400kg
    Net wt.of machine Body 2200kg
    Machine dimension(mm) 1950×1350×2150

    Main Features

    • The fifth axis has been added based on axis X, Y, U, and V to realize workpiece rotary cutting.
    • Adopt Multi-cutting technology of low-speed machine and Intelligentize parameter machining.
    • Adopt high-frequency power with high efficiency and stability which makes the Max machining efficiency≥150mm²/min.
    • Work performance approaches low-speed wire cut machine. Best surface roughness≤Ra1.5μm.
    • Provide HL, HF, YH control systems to meet customers’ needs.
    • With all functions of Travel changeable type.

    Machine Details of EDM Machine

    wire cut machine


    Warranty period: one year

    During warranty period, if you have any parts broken because of qulity problem, we will supply to you free of charge by express.

    Out of warranty period, if you have any question, you can contact with us, we will supply our best service to you as usual.

    1.Technical support online service provided .
    2.Technical files service provided.
    3.Machine operation video provided
    4.On-site training service provided.
    5.Spare parts replacement and repair service provided.
    6.All of the questions will be replied within 24 hours

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